Our Story

My Matcha Tea is Australia's premium matcha tea store. 

We stock only the highest quality & best tasting matcha tea, along with all the essential matcha tools to create the perfect matcha blend at home. We bring you only the most authentic Japanese matcha tea, from only the best sources to tantalize your taste buds and relax your mind.

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 Why choose My Matcha Tea?

We are a tea loving, Australian owned and operated business based in regional New South Wales. Since opening in 2016 we have tasted our fair share of matcha tea. That is why we do not settle for less than the best when it come to supplying premium matcha tea blends. 

Do not settle for anything but the best, we have strenuously searched (& tasted) long and hard to make sure each time you buy any tea from My Matcha Tea you are getting the very best tasting matcha tea without exception!

Why do we love matcha tea so much?

Aside from the beautiful green colour of the finely ground tea leaf combined with the incredibly rich aroma found exclusively in My Matcha Tea. All match tea we stock is traditionally grown in Japan, stone ground using traditional Japanese techniques and most importantly is also is rich in nutrients, antioxidants, fibre and chlorophyll. Matcha tea is also sugar-free, vegan friendly and certified organic. With absolutely nothing but 100% pure, stone ground matcha green tea leaves ensuring you get nothing but the best matcha tea.

How to make matcha tea? 

Find out here.