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Ceramic Whisk Holder

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Known as a Chasen shaper, our ceramic matcha tea whisk stand elegantly holds and shapes your bamboo whisk between uses.

Make your display-worthy matcha whisk a conversation piece on your kitchen countertop while protecting the integrity of the delicate bamboo whisk bristles.

Our ceramic matcha whisk holder, is used to keep your bamboo matcha tea prongs in perfect shape after preparing matcha. Handmade in Japan, this beautiful product is essential to ensure your bamboo whisk is always ready to go.

  • Help make your matcha whisk last longer - Ceramic stand keeps the bamboo whisk in it's natural shape - No More bent bristles
  • Keep Your Matcha Whisk clean & dry - Ceramic Whisk Stand allows whisk to air dry naturally!
  • Prevents mould - Natural air drying of the bamboo whisk will prevent mould build up over time