How To Make Matcha Tea

World famous, the Japanese matcha tea ceremony called 'Chanoyu' is a traditional Japanese cultural activity. It involves a detailed ceremonial preparation followed by an equally detailed and stylish presentation of the powdered matcha tea. In fact, the preparation for the Japanese matcha tea ceremony involves many intricate steps. 

But, matcha at home does not need to be this complicated.

If you are like me, your tea time needs to be easy, delicious & stress free. While traditionally the matcha ceremony was a way to impress guests, now days matcha is my excuse to step away, de-stress & recharge. 

It's not selfish to endulge in a deliciously creamy & calming matcha tea alone!

How to make matcha tea

Steps involved in creating the ultimate matcha tea at home

  • Pre-heat your matcha bowl (optional) - Pour warm water until the bowl overflows slightly. Empty the bowl and dry gently.
  • Add matcha tea to the bowl -  Use a bamboo matcha scoop to put 1 large scoop of matcha tea in the bowl. (for a better taste always add more matcha than you think)
  • · Making the tea - Fill the matcha bowl with aproximately 70 ml of hot, but not boiling water per spoonful of matcha tea (eg: 2 scoops of matcha = 140ml of water)
  • Whisk the tea - Using a bamboo whisk, mix the tea vigorously in a 'W’ direction until you get a frothy and bubbly tea. For the best tasting matcha whisk your matcha tea until all the lumps dissolve, this will avoid a bitter taste.
Important note - water over 79 degree C will burn and ruin the delicate matcha tea leaf powder creating a very bitter tasting tea.

    Essential tools needed for creating a delicious Japanese matcha tea at home

    • Matcha - Quality matcha is important 
    • Chawan - Traditional matcha tea bowl
    •  Chasen - Traditional bamboo matcha whisk 
    • Chasaku - Traditional bamboo matcha scoop 

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