How Matcha Can Help Weight Loss.

Matcha For Weight Loss

A weight loss diet plan with matcha tea can help you lose weight.

Green tea has been making headlines for its supposed weight loss properties. Now a nutritionist is claiming matcha is one of the best for weight loss. Rick Hay, a nutritionist with many years clinical experience in nutrition and botanical medicine claims matcha tea is one of the best drinks to help dieters shed the pounds.

The expert, who specializes in obesity treatment and weight management, says the drink is a potent weight loss brew. 

“Matcha is a powdered version of green tea that is covered in shade cloths before it’s harvested bringing you a more potent version of the metabolism-boosting brew,” Rick said. Matcha tea is becomingly increasingly trendy in the UK as a healthy alternative to coffee. Matcha lattes are green frothy drinks that are popping up on Instagram. The key ingredient is made from ground up whole tea leaves. 
Rick said: “One of the most highly researched fat burners is green tea. Scientific studies show that drinking up to five cups of green tea a day can increase daily metabolism.” A matcha latte is made with milk, matcha power. First, steam the milk before whisking the matcher powder into the milk. 
Green tea has been said to help with weight loss for many years, but does the plant really help you shed pounds? Unlike other leaves used for black tea - green tea leaves have not withered, which is why they still have their lush green color. Health effects of the drink are touted amongst nutritionists and health experts. 
Devotees claim the drink is immunity boosting and helps with weight loss.

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